Restoring Unity– #Never Again is Now

There’s a phrase that’s very popular in our culture and it’s something that gets said after some horribly tragic event: “Never Again.” In fact, it’s said so often that it seems to have lost its meaning.

People will be gathering in Birmingham, Alabama this weekend in the hopes of changing that and putting action behind those words. “Never Again is Now—Restoring Unity” kicks off tonight at The Guiding Light Church, which is a predominantly Black church in downtown Birmingham. Bishop Jim Lowe, who pastors the church will be speaking, as will radio and television commentator Glenn Beck, whose humanitarian organization Mercury One is hosting the event.

Tomorrow, there will be a march downtown, tracing the steps of Martin Luther King, Jr and participants are being asked to commit to the peaceful resolution of our nation’s problems. There will be times for reflection as well at some of the historical places that were so important to the Civil Rights movement, such as the Birmingham Jail, where MLK wrote his famous letter to other pastors. The Restoring Unity event at Legacy Arena will again feature Lowe, Beck, David Barton and others.

According the church’s website, the goal of this weekend is to empower individuals who attend to carry the message that “Never Again will we stand quietly and allow certain tragic situations to occur in our world community.”

Mercury One has been involved in a number of humanitarian outreaches in the U.S. and abroad and is currently trying to raise $2 million in order to help persecuted Christians and Yazidi families escape the clutches of ISIS in the Middle East.

The weekend will culminate Saturday night with the world premiere of the faith-based film “Woodlawn” at Legacy Arena. Based on a true story, “Woodlawn” takes place in the early 1970’s at the Birmingham high school that was torn apart by racial tension, and the miraculous events that happened to bring the school—and the city—together.

If you’re in the Birmingham area, it’s not too late to get there…or keep checking back here for pictures (hopefully) and updates.



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