You’ve Got Male

Last fall, I posted about a school district in Nebraska that seriously wanted their teachers to teach children that there are more than male and female genders—there are many, and more are being discovered all the time—so they say.   They wanted their teachers to refer to students in gender-neutral terms, and the one given in their training was “purple penguins”.

Ridiculous, to be sure, and the insanity of this “gender fluidity” movement has only ramped up in the months since. The most recent example of course, being the revelation that Olympic champion Bruce Jenner has decided that he really was a woman for more than six decades who was trapped in the body of a man.

He now will live out the rest of his life as “Caitlyn”…at least that’s what the current narrative is that we’re supposed to believe and find praise-worthy. This news conveniently comes out—with the accompanying media frenzy—in the weeks leading up to the premier of a cable reality show in late July. It will star Caitlyn and follow the newfound woman as the “he” makes his way across The Great Divide to become a “she”. In the promo for the upcoming series, Jenner refers to himself as “the new normal”, while dressed in full female garb. The voice is male as he says these words and he is encouraged by someone off camera assuring him “you are normal.”

It’s interesting that when he did his interview with Diane Sawyer a few weeks back, she was more shocked that he considered himself to be a conservative than that this Olympic decathon winner always felt like a woman! Being part of the mainstream media, the latter issue was less troubling than the former. Most of the liberal media elite think conservatism is a disease, but in reality—the real one, not the reality show kind—what Jenner has dealt with all of his life is an actual mental health issue. According to the American Psychiatric Association, it’s called “Gender Dysphoria”. Up until recent years, it was called “Gender Identity Disorder”.

What could make someone who used to be famous want to deal with their personal demons in a public forum? Giving him the benefit of the doubt, let’s just say he was tired of living a lie and wanted to be a role model to those struggling with the same disorder. That’s definitely one way of looking at it.

Here’s another way that would be much less popular and perhaps more cynical.   When you dig a little deeper, you tend to learn much more. Here’s a truth I’ve not heard in any of the stories about Caitlyn/Bruce: Jenner is getting the biggest pay-out ever given by the E! cable network for any reality show they’ve ever had…five million dollars.

That’s a lot of perfume, make-up and hormone injections. It could also help out his/her financial picture in the future should he ever be charged in a February 2015 car accident which injured 5 and killed one woman. Jenner has been named in a wrongful death lawsuit by that woman’s stepchildren because they say he was driving recklessly and ran into the back end of Kimberly Howe’s vehicle on February 7th and pushed her car into the path of an oncoming SUV. Yes, it’s possible they filed the suit after finding out about the 5 million dollars Jenner would get for his reality show. Nevertheless, it’s an interesting twist to the story.

I have no intention of watching the reality show about Jenner. Watching the promo in preparation for this post was more than enough. What he wants to do is his business, but by agreeing to turn it into a reality show, he makes it all of ours too. Like most of our personal decisions, they rarely affect just us. They influence those around us as well. To prove my point, do a search for Linda Thompson, the actress who was the second wife of Bruce Jenner and gave birth to two of his children. Some sites have already changed her life history to say that she was “married to Caitlyn Jenner from 1981-1985.”

Well, no she wasn’t. That would mean she was a lesbian at some point, and there’s no evidence of that in her past. When you embrace one thing (Bruce is a lady), you then have to believe other things that just aren’t so. Words mean things. Re-defining them is like building a house of cards. When you take one away at any point, the entire thing comes crashing down.

It seems our society is hell-bent on re-defining things, in this case gender—femininity in particular. Even if the Bruce/Caitlyn reality show has a finale where he decides to go all the way and have “the surgery”, it won’t change anything. He can’t get around the fact that he has the “Y” chromosome. He was born a male, he’ll die a male…and that’s the cold, hard truth. There are no purple penguins, and it’s not wrong or offensive for children to call each other “boys” or “girls”.

If this makes me a “hater”, then okay. I hate seeing people live in deception. I hate when people are used or are allowing themselves to be used for money, fame or ratings. And I hate being told that I should be thinking and seeing one thing, when my own senses tell me the opposite.  Must we all go along on this magic carpet ride with Caitlyn and the media?

No. We don’t.

It's Pat: a character created by Julia Sweeney for Saturday Night Live back when people could still laugh at gender-bending.

It’s Pat: a character created by Julia Sweeney for Saturday Night Live back when people could still laugh at gender-bending.


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