Upside Down

Once there was a time when speech codes and political correctness were mostly confined to college campuses and highly liberal enclaves on the left coast of America. Not anymore. The PC disease is spreading to ever younger populations in states that most would consider “Red States” with traditional, tried-and-true values.

Take for instance, Lincoln, Nebraska.   Middle school teachers there were given a new training document, provided by an organization called Gender Spectrum that encourages teachers to rid themselves and their classrooms of the use of any and all words that refer to two genders. They are not to call boys, “boys” or girls, “girls”, or even the collective term “you guys”. No, this document recommends they refer to the young people as “purple penguins” or some other gender-neutral expressions.

For example, your teacher may have made a statement like this: “Okay, boys and girls, I want all of you to stand up in a single-file line so we can walk to the gymnasium.”

In the public schools of Lincoln, Nebraska, it will become: “Okay purple penguins, please line up so we can walk to the gymnasium.”

This would be pretty hilarious if the adults in charge weren’t so serious. Lincoln School Superintendent Steve Joel feels pretty good about making this change. He told a local radio show, “We don’t get involved with gender preferences. We’re educating all kids . . . and we can’t be judgmental.”

How is calling a female child a girl or a male child a boy being judgmental? In the minds of progressives, it’s not fair to force people into these kinds of roles. Throwing science and reason to the wind, as they so often accuse conservatives—especially Christians—of doing, these people are attempting to create some sort of genderless society. They want to include what they believe are the many types of people who don’t identify with the two genders most of us have known about since childhood—that gender goes beyond biology. What you’re born with might not be who you are, and there a lot of other options now. If you don’t believe this, check out the “About Us” page on the Gender Spectrum website.

Just briefly reading through the people of Gender Spectrum, I learned I don’t have to be just a female anymore. I can be a “cisgender”, meaning I’m identifying as the gender of my birth. According to the mission statement of this organization, their goal is to provide “training and support to help create a gender sensitive and inclusive environment for all children and teens.” Should you read around their website, and you’ve always known yourself to be either male or female and you’ve been OK with it, what you’ll find is enough to make your head explode.

This whole notion of multiple genders is taking a very simple concept and turning it into a mountain of confusion and twisted thinking. The training document includes 12 “easy” steps to gender inclusiveness. One step tells teachers to reinforce the gender inclusive message by plastering signs around their classrooms such as images that show people who don’t fit traditional gender roles or having door hangers that say, “All Genders Welcome”.

Step #6 is particularly troubling as it calls for teachers to correct their students if they hear them referencing gender in a “binary manner” (i.e. the way nature intended).

Don’t children have enough to think about in school these days with the Common Core dictating what they learn and how they learn it? Now they also have to monitor their speech to make sure they don’t call each other by what their own common sense tells them they are. In this kind of environment, every little girl who used to be called a “tomboy” or any little boy who expresses an interest in cooking is ripe for being set on a path of confusion. In the hands of adults who think this way, they grow up believing that there really is nothing that is absolute.

If something as basic as gender is always in question and you can change it as you feel led, won’t children wonder what else in life can be relied upon?

It would be nice if what happens in Lincoln stays in Lincoln. Unfortunately, political correctness is everywhere, rearing its ridiculous, ugly head. It’s the disease that’s sweeping America and common sense is the only cure…and that’s in short supply at the moment.



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