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There’s still more than a month to go until Halloween, but that didn’t stop the weirdos, scary people and assorted kooks from making headlines this past week. Climate change/ global warming believers took to the streets of cities across the U.S. and around the world in an effort to pressure world leaders at the United Nations to “do something” about the climate that they say is too warm. Too warm where, and for who or what, no one ever seems to explain. What is this optimal, worldwide temperature that is perfect for everyone, everywhere and at all times?

They don’t know and it doesn’t matter. What does matter is that they feel like they’re doing something. That something usually involves downsizing America in some way. For instance, some of the relics who participated in the “Peoples Climate March” in New York stayed the next day so they could “Flood Wall Street” because they believe the cause of climate change is “unchecked capitalism”.

In fact, these marches around the world were largely communists, socialists, anarchists, people who hate the police (that’s the profession, not the rock band) and some concerned folks who really do care about the environment. Speaking of Police (the band, not the profession), environmentalist and musician Sting was there, as were actors Leonardo DiCaprio and Emma Thompson, who made this proclamation: “Unless we’re carbon free by 2030 the world is buggered”. She may have failed 8th grade earth science, because if carbon dioxide ever goes the way of the dinosaur, there goes all plant life as we know it…that would leave us all “buggered”.

No climate gathering would be complete without an appearance by the High Priest of the Church of GlobalWarmingClimateChange himself, former VP of the US, Algore. Gore was fresh off a speech on his favorite topic a couple weeks ago that left many laughing at what appeared to be Divine Intervention inserting itself into Al’s fiery tirade. Just as he began quoting a passage of scripture from the Book of Luke, Gore’s microphone cut off on a most interesting word…”hypocrites”.

Some like it hot:  The Heat Miser from a classic Christmas cartoon, and Algore, climate profiteer

Some like it hot: The Heat Miser from a classic Christmas cartoon, and Algore, climate profiteer

Hypocrisy seems to be a common thread among progressives, particularly on this topic of climate. They support wind turbines, but only near your home—not theirs. They don’t want you to drive an SUV, but they can cruise around on private jets on a regular basis. They want you to pay higher energy bills, leaving you with less money for extras. But they won’t be scaling back their lifestyles anytime soon.  In the cases of the names previously mentioned, they’ve already made their money, so intrusive regulations and higher bills don’t bother them.

They rail against capitalism, and promote every other “ism” even though capitalism has been very good to Sting, DiCaprio, Thompson and Gore. Very, very good.

They despise fossil fuels and carried signs and wore t-shirts as they marched decrying our dependence on them. Yet they failed to see the irony in that the entire event wouldn’t have been possible without them. Hundreds of thousands of people had to take transportation that, for the most part, was powered by gas and oil. Even those who took electric cars to the march were driving on fossil fuels, since so many car parts are made with plastic—another product of fossil fuels. columnist Alex Epstein wrote an excellent response to those who felt the need to march last week, and to those world leaders at the UN that are more than happy to respond to their requests for worldwide taxes on the use of oil, coal and natural gas. He gives 6 reasons why limiting fossil fuels will hurt the planet and the downtrodden people the marchers say they want to help by eliminating their use. Epstein points out that if the use of fossil fuels is denied to developing nations and to future generations, “we will have blood on our hands” because lives will be cut short around the globe.

He goes on to give this important fact: “There is not one modern economy in the world that is powered by solar and wind, because they are inferior, unreliable sources of energy.” The useful idiots marching in the streets may think the world would be better and more peaceful if we just weren’t using fossil fuels, but they never explain what more efficient, affordable alternative is out there. They also never explain where all the electricity will come from—in the absence of oil, coal and natural gas—that will be able to power all of the electric cars that they hope everyone will be driving in the next ten years.

The Green Movement is more about control: control of people’s lifestyles, populations and their futures. These types of schemes only work for those who make the rules, while the rest of us—“the masses” as progressives often call people who aren’t them. One of the leaders of the People’s Climate March is Bill McKibben. He’s also the lead environmentalist against the proposed Canadian-XL pipeline project that the Obama administration has been stalling on for years. McKibben is known for his beliefs that population must be controlled to achieve a “humbler world”. He even wrote a book about it. There’s more to say on this, but I just want to leave with a McKibben quote: “If we now, today, limited our numbers and our desires and our ambitions, perhaps nature could someday resume its independent working.” [emphasis mine]

Are you still doubting that Green is the New Red?

Halloween comes early: People's Climate March protesters proving that it's not about climate.

Halloween comes early: People’s Climate March protester proving that it’s not about climate.


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