Perhaps the biggest untold news story of 2014 has already happened—and the year is barely a week old.  If you rely on the mainstream American press for your information, you probably heard something about a group of “tourists” who were stuck on a boat surrounded by ice in Antarctica recently.  These weary travelers were, fortunately, rescued…and that’s a good thing.  And then the rescuers had to be rescued by a small ice-breaking vessel of the U.S. Coast Guard.  That’s what you would have heard from the alphabet soup of media talking heads, and you may have been wondering:  why would anyone go “touring” or “cruising” in Antarctica?

Of course, no one would, unless they were on a mission…and that’s the part of the news story the American media completely dodged.  You would have had to go to an overseas news source early on to get the real story—the “why”—because calling those folks stuck in ice “tourists” is about as believable as Gilligan, Mary Ann, Ginger and The Rest bringing everything they owned on a three hour tour.

The missing piece to the puzzle was that the passengers on the Russian ship Akademik Shokalskiy were global warming scientists/ researchers who went there to prove their theory that the polar ice caps are melting, the polar bears have nowhere to hang out, and eventually, there really will be oceanfront property in Arizona.  As the BBC put it toward the very end of their article about the event, “One of the aims was to track how quickly the Antarctic’s sea ice was disappearing.”

Apparently, it isn’t disappearing quickly enough.  Though it’s summertime in Antarctica, the hapless true believers of man-made global warming were stuck on ice from Christmas Eve through the New Year holiday.  As New Years’ revelers shivered in frigid temperatures in Times Square, the researchers on board Akademik Shokalskiy ushered in 2014 by singing a song they made up about their misadventures.

This week has seen most of our nation gripped in the jaws of the ominous-sounding “polar vortex”.  Although this is not a new weather phenomenon, the mainstream media couldn’t seem to get enough of it, making it sound as if we’re seeing things that haven’t happened before because of man-made global warming.  The White House came out with its own video to attempt to defy logic with its “the-earth-is-still-on-fire” alarm “The Polar Vortex Explained in 2 Minutes”.  Basically, the guy in the video tells us not to believe our own lying eyes (and frozen other parts) because this polar vortex proves the earth is really getting warmer.  These people need to get their stories straight.  Either the earth is warming or its cooling, but it can’t be doing both—in all parts of the earth, at the same time.  For a more scientific and level-headed look at the recent cold snap, check this out.

The news media should be focusing on other things rather than why winter is cold and summer is hot.  But certain things they must hide—like the mission of the Antarctic ship stuck in ice.  As the public relations arm of the current control-obsessed White House, the “WHY?” of that story makes them look even more ridiculous than most of us already believe them to be.

Perhaps no one summed up the events surrounding the Akademik Shokalskiy better than satirical columnist and author Frank J. Fleming when he said this:  “We’re never going to get good data on global warming if everyone keeps getting trapped in ice.”



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