Time to Grow Up


Tomorrow we’ll celebrate the 237th birthday of our great nation—our independence from the oppressive rule of a tyrannical king in England.  A certain former Speaker of the House of Representatives that will remain nameless due to the celebration of the day thinks we should be thankful for “healthcare freedom”, in the form of Obamacare of course.  Apparently, in her world, the Founders would have loved the massive government takeover of a large segment of our economy.

But for normal, thinking Americans, this is our opportunity to thank God for this place called the United States of America.  To thank Him for all He did in raising up the right people at the right points in history that allowed this nation to become the most powerful one on the face of the earth in such a relatively short period of time.  To thank Him for people willing to sacrifice all they had to build this nation, and for those who have died and are continuing to die to secure freedom for future generations.

Unfortunately, many, if not most people won’t think about those generations of patriots as they celebrate what’s now only known as “The Fourth”.  In between their picnics, parades and fireworks displays, it would be great if all of us would take the time to read the Declaration of Independence—especially those who have children.  Do they— do we really understand what it meant when those 56 men put their signatures to that document?  As British subjects, they were committing treason.  They were setting themselves—and their loved ones—up for certain hardship and possibly death.  It’s important that we not forget this and that the youngest among us hear the stories of these people that they are likely being denied in the public schools of today.

What America needs is another “Greatest Generation”.  Those under 30 would do well to become like King Josiah in the Old Testament.  He was very young when he became the king of Judah and it was during his reign that the Book of the Law had been found after many generations of being “lost to history” so to speak.  The people weren’t living according to the laws of God and weren’t behaving as if they were his Chosen People.  When King Josiah heard the words of the law for the first time, he became very distraught to the point that he tore his robes because he realized how far they had drifted from God and what His intentions were for their nation.  Many people then were probably young, as he was, and didn’t even realize what they were doing.

It’s possible that if enough young people hear the words of the Founding Fathers—and I’d even go as far back as the pre-founding generation (the Pilgrims)***—they might realize and be humbled at what it took to build the nation.  They could be the ones to turn things around again.  Maybe, like King Josiah hearing the words of The Law, they’ll be moved to tears when they read these words:  “…with a firm reliance on the Protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor.”

They’ve had their heritage stripped from them, and many aren’t even aware of it.  If or when they ever do look up from their ipads, iphones and video games to realize it, they may be pretty upset at the generations before them for keeping them in the dark.  For keeping them entertained and un-enlightened.

They need to know that the United States of America is still the last best hope for freedom for people from all over the world, even in our current circumstances, which admittedly aren’t good.  It would do us all good to keep in mind the words of people like Richard Wurmbrand, a Romanian evangelical minister and author who spent 14years in a Romanian prison for his faith.  In 1967, he called America the hope of every enslaved man, and reminded Americans of a truth that may be even truer now:  that freedom-loving people all over the world are counting on us not to let the flame of liberty burn out.  Wurmbrand said:  “I have seen fellow prisoners in communist prisons beaten, tortured, with 50 pounds of chains on their legs—praying for America…that the dike will not crumble; that it will remain free.”

With that said, Happy Independence Day!

***Read “Of Plymouth Plantation” by William Bradford

To the progressives of today, these were right-wing radicals

To the progressives of today, these were right-wing radicals


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