Hell Hath No Fury

Several years ago, Mel Gibson starred in a movie called “What Women Want” where he played a divorced chauvinistic advertising executive who gets electrocuted one night during a thunderstorm.  After this, he finds he’s able to read the minds of any women in his path (even female dogs walking down the street).

If such a thing were possible in real life, the Democrat party could use a shock as they continue to attempt to manipulate the female vote by claiming the Republicans are waging a war against them.

I personally get sick and tired of hearing from the president on down about how women should be outraged because Mitt Romney supposedly wants to put us all back into the Stone Age.  They use the same tactic to sway Black voters by telling them, as Joe Biden once did, “they want to put y’all back in chains!”

It’s shameless and it’s insulting our intelligence.  If we believed them, we would think that the only two things important to women are free contraception and unlimited abortion (in the event the first thing doesn’t work).  The president and his supporters continually talk down to women and claim they know what we’re thinking…and that we all think the same!  I think that’s what’s most infuriating.

Just one of the many examples of this came recently from an Obama campaign spokeswoman when she went so far as to say this:  “That’s the other thing that you find most often with women. They’re not really concerned about what’s happened over the last four years, they really want to know what’s going to happen in the next four years.”

Huh?!  If that isn’t talking down to women, I’m not sure what is.  Women are more than capable of caring about what’s already been AND what’s coming, especially if it’s more of the same.  We aren’t stupid…we’re in grocery stores all the time and can make the connection between the poor economy, high gas prices and the higher costs of everything we buy.  We’re often the ones who write out checks for utilities and we can see that we’re paying more for less than we were four years ago.  We understand that the policies the president has tried have not made things better, and in some cases, they’re much worse.

We get that another four years on this same course will be detrimental to future generations who will be left to foot the bill for the current big spending.  We care about children who aren’t even old enough to vote yet—people without a voice–  that are already being negatively affected by the poor decisions of today’s politicians.

After last week’s second presidential debate, the media pounced on a comment Mitt Romney made when asked about equal pay.   He spoke of getting a binder full of women from a non-partisan women’s group when he became governor of Massachusetts in order to fill some high-level positions with qualified females.  Because he neglected to say the binders were of women’s resumes the lame-brain talking heads (knowing full well what he meant) all jumped on the bandwagon of idiocy to scream that Mitt was so out of touch with women that he didn’t just know some off the top of his head that he could hire.

Instead of focusing on things women really care about, the media and the Obama campaign (is there a difference?) want women to believe that Mitt Romney is some sort of sexist pig who wants to take away their birth control and abortion rights, which as we’re told, are the foundations of women’s health care.  Women who believe this way are usually found in Hollywood and in the halls of Congress with a “D” after their names.

If these Masters of Condescension really want to know what women want, here’s a few things:  we want a president who loves the country he serves and the Constitution he took an oath to uphold; we want leadership, not a bullying smart-aleck kid who blames everyone else for his failures; we want to be able to find good jobs, start our own businesses and pursue our dreams without constantly running into some government regulation that ties our hands; we want to know that the country we leave for those who come behind us is better and stronger than the one we inherited.

Put simply, we want what most people want:  freedom.  It doesn’t take a mind reader to figure it out.  The elites in power would have to give up some of that power, and that’s not something they ever want to do.  At least in the Mel Gibson movie, his character learned his lesson and became a better man in the end.  Hopefully, there are enough voters—including women—who will be willing to teach this administration a lesson when they cast their ballots.

10/25/12 UPDATE:  The Obama campaign’s latest ad “reaches out” to women, particularly young ones, in an innuendo-filled spot that’s not only crude, but very un-presidential.  Check it out for yourself HERE.


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