You’ve Got (Hate) Mail

Everybody knows at least one.  You might even be related to one.  The people who– no matter what happens– will still cast their vote for Barack Obama in November.  In spite of your best efforts to persuade them otherwise and what their own eyes and ears are telling them, they will still cast a vote that will cancel out yours (if you are not voting for O).  These aren’t just liberals…these are Obamatons.

Most of them look like perfectly normal people, not the screaming idiots you see defecating on police cars at an Occupy Wall Street gathering.  But when they’re confronted with an opinion they don’t share, they aren’t content to just move on with their lives.  They must get even with you somehow, because how dare you express yourself? This is playing out all over the internet, but Facebook has brought it to a whole new level.  People who probably barely knew each other are “un-friending” their Facebook friends who disagree with them politically.

I experienced this just recently myself.  I was not the one who lost a friend—it was one of my friends who had been un-friended.  But I was the one who felt the wrath of a looney leftist who just couldn’t keep her mouth shut.  It all started with this picture and caption that was shared by my  sister:

President Obama Skips Intel. Briefing One Day After Embassy Attacks, Media Largely Silent on the Issue

The first comment was from someone I’ll only refer to as KT (she’s already made a fool of herself in one public place- just trying to show compassion).  KT told my sister that she didn’t agree with her politics, so she was no longer going to be her friend.  (Grab a Kleenex!).  The next comment came from another of my sister’s FB friends commenting on the narrow-mindedness of KT by asking her why friends can’t agree to disagree on things.  Then I saw the posting and added my two cents:  “With friends like (KT) who needs enemies?”

That was all I said.  For this, I got a message from this total stranger that said the following:

“U don’t f***ing know who I am and I don’t care to know who the f*** you are. I can express my opinions. I am not UR friend. IDK who the f*** U R! Shut ur pie hole you white redneck, B! Leave me the F*** alone!!!”

Of course, she didn’t have asterisks in her message to me.  She had obviously blocked me after she sent this, but what she didn’t know was that I have another Facebook account.  I went in to look her up so that I could find out whatever she allows strangers (who aren’t blocked by her) to see.

I was surprised to find that she was much older than I thought she was (judging from her writing and how she initially expressed herself in the original post).  I thought this was some high school, college or even middle school kid (“I am not UR friend”), but what I found was that this person was a grandmother…she goes to church…and likes country music.  Who wouldn’t love someone like that?

On the other hand, she’s also a reckless, immature, rude and racist woman who accuses others of the bad behavior that she herself is guilty of displaying.  For some strange reason, she saw me as someone who was suppressing her opinion, but who was the one that un-friended my sister for expressing her conservative views?  Then she tells me to leave her alone, which is really unhinged, since I had not been in communication with her ever in my life.  She reminds me of our president, the man she will undoubtedly be voting for soon.  He doesn’t like to be around those that disagree with him either, and he acts just as childish as KT when confronted with an opposing viewpoint.

Back in March, The Daily Beast had an article about social networking friends and followers parting ways over politics.  Howard Kurtz wrote, “Overall, most people take a live-and-let-live attitude. Two-thirds say they simply ignore posts with which they don’t agree.”  Apparently, KT belongs to the other one-third.

I have Facebook friends that I know are liberal, but I don’t want to un-friend them because I like them as people.  Now, when drive-by commentators leave comments here on these posts and they start insulting me, my writing or my beliefs…or they ramble on and on about something, I’m not going to respond.  I don’t have time to go back and forth with them, and I make no money doing this.  If they want to sound off about some progressive/ anarchist/ you-name-it stuff, they should call Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck or Sean Hannity—they love arguing with those people and get paid big bucks to do it.

I’ve been pretty clear since I started this blog that I’m no fan of Obama—never voted for him and never will.  Most people who come here know what they’re going to get when they visit here because I haven’t exactly been hiding it.

If you still want to vote for Obama, go ahead.  That’s your business.  I really believe we have a clear difference in worldviews to choose from this time.  Sometimes—but certainly not all the time– you can tell the character of a candidate by observing the people that support him or her.  I’m just doing a public service here for Obama supporters because I think you should know the kind of people UR standing with (sorry, couldn’t resist).


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