The War on Tomorrow’s Women

A few weeks back, we were introduced to the fictional character “Julia” by the Obama re-election campaign. In case you missed it, she’s out there on the internet (as are many conservative take-offs of the hapless Julia). She’s the girl who’s got it all, just so long as she has Big Daddy Government to help her at every stage of her life. The campaign ad follows Julia from her pre-school days to her golden years, and tells how great her life is because of Obama’s policies compared to what a wretched life she’d have under Mitt Romney. She’s a socialist’s Dream Girl, but like all socialist dreams, they turn into nightmares when exposed to the real world.
In reality, if Julia were born today, all of the government goodies promised to her and her family in the video will most likely be gone as long as the nation remains on a path of entitlement spending that can’t be maintained. Her generation will bear the brunt when, somewhere down the line, common sense makes a comeback and taxes must be raised and programs must be cut. The extra taxation being levied on future generations because of today’s spending will do nothing but lower Julia’s standard of living, taking away her freedom and her choices. If she can somehow manage, by the grace of God and her own hard work and determination to stay independent of the government for her basic living expenses, she’ll have less money to save for her own future.
When your personal wealth is confiscated to support an over-blown government, it takes away your choices to spend your money that you earned as you see fit. Julia may not be able to afford college, or she may have to postpone getting married or having children or buying a home- all of the things that contribute to building a successful and meaningful life.
But all of this may be a moot point because in Obama’s vision for America, Julia may not have a chance to live in the first place. He was, after all, the Illinois state senator who voted not once, but four times against a law that would have provided medical care to babies who survive an abortion. Obama is now the president who gladly accepted Planned Parenthood’s endorsement this week of his re-election. According to The Hill the Big Abortion Provider that is PP will dump $1.4 million dollars into a pro-Obama/ anti-Romney ad campaign that will target women in the swing states of Florida, Iowa and Virginia.
Obama accepts their endorsement in spite (or maybe because?) of the news that hit this week that an undercover sting operation at a Planned Parenthood in Austin, TX revealed that at least one staffer (who has since been fired) is OK with encouraging a woman to abort a child based on the sex of the child. The chilling video was shot by the pro-life group Live Action (watch it at, and shows the woman explaining to the counselor that she’d like to be able to have a boy first, and wants to terminate the pregnancy if an ultrasound shows that she’s carrying a girl. The counselor then goes on to explain to her how she can do that. This is insane and frightening.
Sex-selective abortions are more common in countries like China and India, where sons are preferred to daughters, but the practice is spreading in the United States. At least 168 lawmakers in Congress felt it was becoming enough of a threat here to vote in favor of H.R. 3541 yesterday. However, The Prenatal Nondiscrimination Act (PRENDA) went down to defeat in the House of Representatives when 246 of their colleagues voted against it. The law would have imposed fines and prison terms on doctors who perform abortions for the sole purpose of controlling the gender of the child.
So, if Julia manages to make it to pre-school, she still better watch out. If the Supreme Court upholds Obamacare, toddlers and older citizens just don’t fare well under the “Complete Lives System” that governs it. I’ve already written pretty extensively about that in early 2010 when Obamacare was still being debated.  Check out my post “The Value of a Life- Part II”. …it’s interesting, but not good reading if you’re an insomniac.


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  1. Excellent! Totally agree! Looking forward to seeing yu again!

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