Real Men Don’t Ride Girlie Bikes

            In what must have come as some surprise to Michelle Obama, Newsweek just declared her husband to be the first gay president. Flashing back to the days when writer Toni Morrison tagged Bill Clinton “the first Black President” in The New Yorker, Newsweek shows Obama on its cover with yet another halo (we’ve seen this often over the years)- but this one is rainbow-colored…the symbol of gay pride.
          They did this as a way to praise the president for his so-called courageous stance he took when he told ABC’s Robin Roberts last week that he is now in favor of gay marriage. He was against it because of his “Christian faith”, but now that same faith is telling him to “evolve” and be for it. Anyone who doubted that Barack Obama would be for gay marriage, and who finds this to be big news, hasn’t been paying attention for the last four years. He is, after all, to the left of Karl Marx in most of his other political and social views. Why would he NOT be in favor of two men or two women “marrying” each other? After all, this “news” broke the day before he was to have a huge fundraiser at George Clooney’s mansion, surrounded by Hollywood types who have much more money than brains, and they just love to throw it at their pet causes such as support for gay marriage. This was music to their ears…and to Obama’s (no comment), who loves the “cha-ching” of more money flowing into his campaign war chest. He will be all things to all people, so long as it keeps the cash coming in.
         To understand the truth of this, we just have to go back to his own words from his 2nd autobiography The Audacity of Hope where BO said, “I serve as a blank screen on which people of vastly different political stripes project their own views.” What should have been a red flag to clue in the electorate that this is not a man with a backbone who actually knows who he is and what he believes, turned into a nightmare for us. Once elected, he saw the nation as a blank screen to project his ideology onto it to “fundamentally transform” it into what he believes it should be. The problem with that is that most Americans are at odds with his ideas of what America is and where we should be going- and how we should get there.
          This isn’t the first time Obama has been called “the first fill-in-the-blank-president”. During his time in office, he’s been called the “first female president” for his management style during a crisis (The Washington Post); the “first Hispanic president” by Geraldo Rivera because of his views on immigration; the first Asian-American president for appointing 3 such persons to his cabinet (American Free Press); and the “first Jewish president” by New York magazine (even though he’s proven he is no friend to Israel).
          Sure would be nice to have a president who actually wanted to be president of all the people, not just his hand-picked favorites like the Hollywood elites, union members, African-Americans, Hispanics, college students and the very, very poor. All politicians play this game, but he’s elevated pandering to various groups into an art form. How about dropping all the hyphens, and instead of electing the “first (whatever) president”, that we just have an American president who actually likes the country and the people he serves?

Maybe Newsweek is on to something.


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