Happy New Year!  This is my first posting of the New Year, and it just so happens to also be Friday the 13th.  For anyone reading this who might be paraskevidekatriaphobic (have a fear of Friday the 13th), you’ll be happy (or fearful) to know that this is the first of three Friday the 13th days coming in 2012.  Last year, we only had one, usually we have two per year.  But not since 1984 have all the unlucky Fridays fallen 13 weeks apart!  Thirteen weeks from today will be another Friday the 13th in April, then we’ll have the third one on July 13th.  It’s enough to make the superstitious among us triskaidekaphobic (fearful of the number 13).

               People who arrange their schedules on Friday the 13th so that they aren’t flying or getting married or doing anything else really important on this day should take note that a random number, or spilling salt or a black cat walking across your path are less to be feared than some other events going on in our world.  By a 2 to 1 margin, it seems many Americans are fearful that 2013 will see the current occupant of the White House staying right where he is.

            According to a recent US News and World Report survey, Americans fear Obama’s re-election even more than they fear higher taxes or Iran going nuclear.  But, that is just one poll and who knows who was polled, but it does go along with this topic.  However, we already have three years’ worth of experience to go on with BO in the White House, so we’re familiar with his disdain for the Constitution, his desire to go around it and around Congress to do what he wants, and even his desire to be a dictator, as he said once or twice about how much easier it would be to be “president” of China.

           Imagine the HopenChange that awaits us with four years more of Obama completing his “fundamental transformation of America”, unburdened by the prospect of a re-election in his future.  I’d rather take a risk on a room full of broken mirrors, black cats and open umbrellas, thank you very much.


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