Liberal Reindeer Games

         It never fails that at this time of the year when we most enjoy our time-honored traditions, some liberal with too much time on his or her hands has to come along and ruin it. Last week, Professor George Giuliani, of the Department of Special Education at the C.W. Post campus of Long Island University, aimed his progressive pointer at “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer”.
      Hawking his new book, “No More Bullies at the North Pole”, Professor Giuliani told Fox News that the story of the little reindeer with the unusual feature is harmful to children. He said Santa is particularly guilty of promoting bad behavior for his treatment of Rudolph at the beginning of the story. He cites the use of the word “misfit” 27 times in the less-than-one-hour show and feels this can have a detrimental effect on children’s psyches. When Rudolph is banned from playing with the other reindeer, he says it sends the wrong message to kids about how to treat children who are different. The professor said, “Rudolph is exceptional, just as children with any emotional, learning or physical disability are…with Santa’s approval, Rudolph was treated unfairly and consistently offended, mocked and bullied by others.”
      Talk about taking a fictional story way too seriously! When I first heard about this last week, I thought that Professor Giuliani must not only be a tenured professor, but he must have come to his conclusion through research provided by a government grant. My suspicions were pretty much confirmed when I happened to catch a showing of “Rudolph” on CBS last weekend (after the good professor’s book hit the shelves). During a commercial break, lo and behold, there was a quick public service announcement with celebrity spokesperson Sharon Osbourne speaking about not being a bully or allowing yourself to be bullied. The short spot came complete with a government website.
      In Professor Giuliani’s world, just watching someone being bullied will cause a person to become a bully or a victim themselves. Since the iconic TV show first aired in 1964, that’s a lot of hurting souls walking around carrying this burden. The story of Rudolph actually came out in 1939 when it was used for an advertising campaign for Montgomery Ward. So, for more than 70 years, generations of children have been harassed by the trials of a red-nosed reindeer who actually overcomes his adversities…and this is where liberals like Professor Giuliani miss the boat.      

      I don’t remember ever watching Rudolph when I was growing up and looking for its educational content. It is, you know, just a cartoon meant to entertain children at Christmastime. It accomplishes that mission every year. But let’s be like a liberal for a minute and over-think things.
      No one likes bullies, but that’s not the main point of Rudolph’s story. Instead of seeing Rudolph as a victor, the liberal professor sees him as a victim. He was one for a while, but he didn’t stay there. As he grew up, he learned he had to face who he was, face his enemies and stop running away. Everyone in the story learns something, including Santa, who admits he had been wrong. What’s wrong with a child taking that message away from “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer”?
      One problem liberals/progressives/statists have is that they see everybody as a victim and every situation as a danger. It’s what gives them their power. They want to control everything, make life “fair” for everyone (even though life isn’t fair), equalize everything, take away risks, pain…basically, all of the things that make a person (or a reindeer) stronger.

What's next? Charlie Brown trees for everyone?


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