Saluting the Seven Percent

     Happy Veteran’s Day to all those who have served, past and present. You’ve put your lives on the line, put careers on hold, spent months or years separated from loved ones…and in many cases, gave the untimate sacrifice. You did all this to preserve freedom and to bring it to those around the world who only knew oppression. We’re thankful, and it’s a debt of gratitude we’ll never be able to repay.
     Since it seems fashionable these days to speak of “percents”, i.e, ‘the 99%”, “the 1%”, “the 53%”, it doesn’t hurt to remember on this day that only a small percentage of us have ever taken the plunge to serve in some capacity in the U.S. military.
     So while “the 99%” is out in the streets creating havoc in New York, Washington, DC, Portland and Oakland, men and women better than themselves are setting aside their lives in parts of the world many of us would never venture into. The video linked here, produced in 2009 is called “It Takes a Hero” and it’s a tribute to their sacrifice.


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