Fools Rush In

          The media continues to pump up the Occupy Wall Street protests as the far left’s answer to the Tea Parties. Anyone who really believes that doesn’t understand either movement. Where the Tea Parties have a concise, clear central message of stopping big government spending and promoting individual liberty, Occupy Wall Street (or whatever location protests are popping up) seems to run the gamut from college students who want their student loans erased, to anti-Semitic rants, anti-capitalists, killing corporate CEO’s, anarchists, old hippies and even some Tea Partiers who agree with the protesters on getting rid of the Federal Reserve and opposing bank bail-outs.
          The protests have taken place across the country including Tampa, Atlanta, Washington, D.C. Seattle, Tulsa and Nashville. Their only cohesive message seems to be their rallying cry of, “We are the 99 percent!” This, they say, refers to the majority of us who are being ruled by the wealthiest one percent (i.e. “greedy corporations”). One protestor in Sacramento, who helped organize the protests there, admitted that his team’s message was still “kind of vague” but they’re working on it. And he’s the leader of the group?
          In the nation’s capitol, The Daily Caller found several Hispanic protesters who had been paid to be there by a non-profit organization that supports rent control in D.C. They could neither understand what the signs in their hands said (the signs were in English), nor could they explain their reason for being there when the reporter asked them in Spanish.
          I suspect they may not be the only ones getting paid to protest, but that’s just my suspicion. When you peel back the layers of the Occupy movement, you find this is one onion that stinks to high heaven. It’s a little more sinister than just a bunch of college grads that are overwhelmed by debt and the fact that they can’t find a decent job.
          By all accounts, Canadian-based is the catalyst for Occupy Wall Street and its offshoots. According to the website, they are primarily an “ecological magazine” (read: green extremists) that says of themselves, “Our aim is to topple existing power structures and forge a major shift in the way we live in the 21st century.” [emphasis mine]  Sounds a lot like Obama’s desire to “fundamentally transform America” doesn’t it? How’s that working for us?
          Many of the Wall Streeters have said they want Obama to be re-elected. They must be turning a blind eye to he who perfected the very crony capitalism they’re claiming to hate, as evidenced by his administration’s cozy ties to corporate giant General Electric (which also still has partial ownership of NBC). They have to be looking past the fact that Wall Street, by and large, supported Obama and the Democrats in 2008. Is this the one percent that the 99’ers are griping about? Somehow, I doubt it.
          You can’t watch videos of these protests without noticing the thread of hypocrisy that runs through them. Even as they rail against the big corporations that have supposedly made their lives a living hell, they reach into their Abercrombie & Fitch sweatshirts, pull out their iPhones and tweet about their activities or post pictures on their Facebook walls. Apparently, some big corporations are okay.
          Though their message(s) are all over the place, make no mistake: this is a well-funded operation. Occupy Wall Street has their own health care stations set up and its own newspaper. I never saw that at a Tea Party. Whose money is pouring into the movement? There are reports that multiple, far-left organizations are financing it, such as The Tides Foundation (connections to George Soros) and the infamous labor union, the SEIU. Suffice it to say this is no Tea Party.
          If you happen to be a conservative, libertarian or Tea Partier who’s thinking of joining in the protests, here’s a word of caution: make sure you know who it is you’re locking arms with. The protester next to you may just be someone who wants to “topple existing power structures” and replace them with something they can’t—or refuse to—identify.


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  1. Is that true? I’ll spread this facts. Anyway, awesome content

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