Tick Tock

             A few months ago, Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) made a courageous attempt to restore some sanity to Washington when he released his plan for the 2012 budget. It goes without saying, that his political opponents came crawling out from under the rocks they usually hide under to trash it, lie to the media (and therefore the public) about it, and slander him personally. The same thing is happening now as lawmakers attempt to come up with a plan that will be acceptable to all the parties involved. The only thing is, anything that pleases John Boehner, Harry Reid and Barack Obama will most likely favor everything Obama and the Democrats want, which is to spend more money. Again, the country and American taxpayers (including the ones that aren’t even born) end up on the losing end. I’ve lost track on how many plans the House has now come up with to send to the Senate for a vote, but the best one seemed to be the one they’ve apparently dropped (Cut, Cap & Balance). Although polls have showed that most of us want the government to have a balanced budget and do not want an increase in the debt ceiling, the winds of “Hopen Change” seem to be blowing against us yet again. An increase in what the government is allowed to spend will eventually be accepted by Caveman Boehner, but only after all the arm-twisting, back room deals, secret meetings, and “quick-we-got-to-get-this-done-before-all-hell-breaks-loose” speeches.
          High Drama Obama has already given a number of press conferences and such, repeating how we’ll be facing Armageddon come August 2nd if the debt ceiling isn’t raised because he can’t promise seniors that they’ll get their Social Security checks, or that the military will be paid. He’s lying and he knows it. As he’s done before, he’s using the military (and now senior citizens) as pawns in his twisted game of chicken with Congress. Meanwhile, the Senate, who hasn’t submitted their own budget plan in more than 2 years, refuses to accept any of the plans Congress has already given, saying they will be “dead on arrival”. I’m about as sick of that phrase as I’ve ever been. Basically, they want the money to spend now, and promise to make cuts over a period of many years. The party of “Yes we can!” has become the party of “Don’t go there!”
         What they want is more money to spend and higher taxes on people that they see as “millionaires and billionaires” (those making $250,000 or above). That must be the newest new math, because where I come from, 250,000 is a long way from 1 million. They also want no real reform for Medicare and Social Security, both of which will be unavailable to people, like myself, who will move into old age after the Baby Boomers have all died or retired. If you are under 50 right now, you better have a lot of money socked away for your senior years, or hope that the Second Coming will come before you get too old or too sick to work for a living…if, in fact, there are any jobs to be found in the future.
        On the other side of the aisle, establishment Republicans, embarrassed by the Tea Party coalition of freshmen in Congress (who, as of now are holding firm to their principles), are urging compromise and putting pressure on conservatives who are still holding out for a balanced budget amendment and spending cuts that will occur now- not ten years from now.
          Democrats, including the president, have called Ryan’s budget plan, Cut, Cap and Balance, and any other suggestions made by Republicans, ”irresponsible” and “immoral”. But what is more immoral? To make an effort to rein in spending that has long been out-of-control and make cuts to things that are inefficient and wasteful….OR, to continue piling on the debt, borrowing from China, and handing the bill to people who are too young to vote…or who have not even been born yet? Thomas Jefferson gives us the answer: “It is incumbent on every generation to pay its own debts as it goes. A principle which if acted on would save one-half the wars of the world.” Let all the people say, “Amen!”


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