Un-Lucky Charms

So we made it past May 21, 2011 and the world didn’t end the way religious broadcaster Harold Camping predicted. No one really thought it would–he’s been wrong before. President Obama, or as he’s now known, O’Bama, since his brief stop in Ireland this week, may wish that the reverend had been correct. It would have saved him much humiliation and prevented the gaffe marathon that has been his trip to Europe.

It started off with his apparent attempt to speak in a brogue while standing outside with the president of Ireland, who has just shaken someone’s hand and given them a cheerful, “Top o’ the mornin’!”.  In his defense, that’s a tough dialect to master, and I’m not completely sure he was trying or not.  It’s possible he was just speaking in his usual tilted cadence that he takes on whenever he’s speaking in public.  His voice sort of always goes up oddly at the end of every sentence.  You be the judge:  watch the video here.  On second thought, I think he was trying to imitate the Irish president’s greeting.

The luck o’ the Irish continued to evade the president as his motorcade left the U.S. Embassy on his way to make a speech in Dublin.  His huge, environmentally-un-friendly limo got hung up getting out of the driveway.  Not his fault, but still added to the omens that should have told him to just stay in bed that day.  Luckily for him, he had to leave Ireland prematurely due to another volcano in Iceland.  Seriously, you can’t make up this stuff.  Even First Lady Michelle’s hair wasn’t cooperating.

But the laughs continued in the United Kingdom when he got to toast the Queen.  Yeah, that also worked out well.  This embarrassing moment almost makes you feel a little sorry for the president.  Well, almost.  It’s hard to tell if the band just jumped in too soon there, or if whoever wrote the toast messed up by having what obviously sounds like the end of a toast right there at the beginning.

Things got no better when the Faux-Paux- In-Chief signed the guest book at Buckingham Palace.  Obviously longing for better days in better years, Obama dated the book “24 May 2008”.

If any of this (not to mention all of this) had happened to George W. Bush in one foreign trip, it would have been enough to cause the National Lampoon people to re-make their classic from long ago.  Only this time, it would feature a hapless American president instead of a hapless Clark Griswold.  They could call it, “S.N.A.F.U.:  European Vacation 2011″. 


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