Thanks to Those Who Serve


Well, the “game” may not be over for us, but it is for bin Laden.  It’s awesome that with all of the areas of American life where we’re being told by those in power to lower our standards (for example, we need to learn to accept higher gas prices, higher unemployment and lower value for our dollars), that we still have the most professional, best-equipped and bravest military on the face of the earth.  Although it’s less than 48 hours since it was announced that the person directly responsible for planning the attacks of September 11, 2001 is dead, conspiracy theories and contradicting news stories about how it all unfolded are all over the internet.  I’m not going to get into all the details, but one thing I know:  we can thank God for our military, our intelligence personnel and the policies that allowed this dirtbag to be brought to justice.  It may have taken nearly 10 years, but hopefully, this will send a message to other terrorists and terrorist wanna-bes not to mess with the United States.  Good job to all involved (even the current president who, oddly enough, saw fit to keep in place many of President Bush’s policies, and gave the order to take bin Laden out).  It’s been a good week for America- and it’s only Tuesday!


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