Green is the New Red

It’s too bad that Easter falls so late this year that Good Friday has ended up being on the same day as Earth Day (April 22nd). While many of us will attend church services of some kind in order to remember the focus of the day, Jesus Christ, and His death for our sins, others will focus on “Mother Earth”. In another example of a bunch of people who just want to feel better about themselves for whatever reason, the Earth Day 2011 website gives everyone the opportunity to get in on the act. Yes, you too can be a part of A Billion Acts of Green!
The website has a drop-down menu where you can select your green activity for the day. It includes things like:
*changing out your light bulbs…You mean to those curly ones that contain more mercury than the can of tuna fish they told us we shouldn’t eat a few years ago?
*circulate an anti-coal petition…Oh, yeah, good one. Coal only provides nearly half of the electricity that we use…how will we power all those electric cars they want us to drive around in?
*Ask your clergy to have an Earth Day sermon…And I would hope he would then pray for me immediately, because I know for sure that my pastor will not be focusing his words on Good Friday on saving the earth, but on saving the souls of those who live on the earth.
*Plant a garden at home or school…Actually, this is a pretty good idea. We’re all going to need to have our own food sources because at the rate that food prices are increasing, no one will be able to afford to go to the grocery store, or the gas to get there. Not to mention the fact that we are burning our food supply to make the government-mandated ethanol to put in gasoline, causing food shortages in poorer countries that rely on us to help them. But that’s another, though not unrelated, story for another time.
In writing about environmentalists in the past, I’ve said that I’m not against taking care of the earth because in the Bible, people were given dominion over the earth. I believe that God wants us to use the resources He’s given us (i.e. oil) to make life better for everyone. So much of the environmental movement is inhabited by old communists or young ones who’ve been brainwashed by the old ones into believing that human beings (American human beings in particular) are evil, and our ways are evil. If it just wasn’t for people (America) the world would be so much better off. If only there were less carbon in the atmosphere, we could stop global warming. (We would also stop plant life from thriving as well, but why let that fact get in the way?)
If you don’t believe there’s a much darker agenda for many “environmentalists” than just taking care of the earth, look no further than Bolivia. Last week, that nation proposed to the United Nations that the UN recognize the Earth as a “living entity that human beings have sought to dominate and exploit”.   The bogus resolution would give the earth the same rights to “life” as human beings.   It is meant to mirror Bolivia’s Law of the Rights of Mother Earth, signed by Bolivian President Evo Morales in January.

It’s important to note that Morales, at a UN summit in 2008, circulated a pamphlet laying out his “10 Commandments” for Bolivia’s plan to save the planet. The first commandment was the need “to end capitalism”.  It’s also important to note here that Bolivia is one of the poorest nations on the face of the earth, in spite of its vast resources, namely lithium, which is used in batteries. If only they would start worshipping the Creator instead of creation, how their lives would change for the better.
Incidentally, the UN recently backed off from its October 2005 prediction that there would be 50 million global warming refugees by 2010. With a track record of failure and inaccuracies, it’s amazing that so much American taxpayer money still goes into the money pit that is the United Nations.

EARTH DAY VIDEO:  HIPPIES MOURNING TREES (In case you’re still in doubt that the green movement is a religion)


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