The Man With Two Faces

Just in time for April Fools’ Day, Barack Obama unveiled his energy plans this week (more like repeated the same old things).  As usual, the joke’s on us.
In a speech at Georgetown University, Obama campaigned before the one constituency that he knows will still lap up his words and applaud his feeble attempts at humor: college students.
Believing that the Road to 2012 begins, well, at his inauguration, Obama pandered to the young drones: “You have more of a stake in getting our energy policy right than almost anybody.” Translation: “Just vote for me again next year, and I promise you, you’ll have clean, cheap endless supplies of energy for the rest of your lives.”
During the course of the speech, he acted as if he were still a Washington outsider, never giving his audience of future leaders one inkling that his own energy policies since he took office and his “green jobs” agenda are doing just what he said they’d do: cause energy prices to “necessarily sky rocket”. That’s one time when he told the truth.
If you think that Obama is actually troubled that so many of us are struggling to keep gas in our tanks- think again! We need only take a look back at what he said in 2008 when he was candidate Obama. So, it’s not the increase in gas prices that bothered him then (and probably now as well), just that it happens so fast. Back then, he blamed Washington’s unwillingness to deal harshly with BIG OIL, even calling for a tax on their “windfall profits”.

We can also check out the people whom he has placed in high places in his administration, such as Energy Secretary Steven Chu, who, back in 2008 said, “Somehow we have to figure out how to boost the price of gasoline to the levels in Europe.” Or, Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood, who not only wants to “coerce people out of their cars”, but thinks that it’s the government’s business to “change people’s behavior.”
You see, high gas prices are all part of the plan. That plan has caused the national average for a gallon of gas to increase from $1.79 when Obama entered office in January 2009, to the current national average of $3.58, according to, which tracks gas prices across the country. In some areas, it’s already past the $4 mark, and we haven’t even entered the summer driving season yet. That’s when government-mandated “seasonal fuel blends” traditionally cause gas to go up.
Added to Obama’s faulty belief that we can live without fossil fuels, is his self-made, soon-to-be energy crisis, which was made worse with his (illegal) drilling moratoriums that he imposed after last year’s BP oil spill. The moratoriums have already cost the Gulf States thousands of jobs that have either gone overseas or just disappeared.
Obama even had the gall, in his Georgetown speech, to mock those who think we should actually be developing our own natural resources by drilling here and now: “We can’t just drill, baby, drill.” He claimed that does nothing to solve the problem- a claim liberals have been making for decades. Perhaps if his fellow Democrat President Bill Clinton had not vetoed the bill that would have allowed drilling in Alaska (ANWR) in 1995, we wouldn’t be paying nearly $4 a gallon for gas today. Common sense is a rare commodity when you’re a Washington politician.
It’s not that Obama is against drilling for oil. He’s just against the United States drilling for oil. He’s more than happy, though, to give 2 billion American taxpayer dollars to Petrobras, an oil company in Brazil, so that they can develop their offshore resources.  Adding salt to the wound, Obama told the Brazilians that once their oil came online, he hoped the U.S. would be one of their best customers!
So much for his vow to cut our dependence on foreign oil by one-third, which is what he told the Georgetown kids this week. Brazil was so last week!
Obama speaks out of both sides of his mouth. Or maybe, as a “citizen of the world”, Obama doesn’t see Brazil as a foreign country. Therefore, we wouldn’t really be relying on foreign oil, would we?
It’s also quite possible, and even likely, that he’s just doing exactly what he told Joe the Plumber he would do back in 2008: ‘spread the wealth around”. He’s not just doing it domestically, but globally. Obama is taking American wealth and re-distributing it to a Third World nation in order to “level the playing field.” It’s what any good Socialist would do. This is just another piece in the “fundamental transformation of America” that Obama promised as a candidate. It’s too bad the media didn’t do their job back then and ask him what he wanted to transform the nation into?


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