Sunday Stuff: When Rush is Wrong

          I thought about this on Friday while listening to Rush Limbaugh as he was speaking about the devastation brought on by the 8.9 earth quake and tsunami that ripped through Japan, and did some damage to parts of Hawaii and the west coast states. He was speaking of the videos of the wall of water wiping out everything in its path- boats, homes, cars, and lives. As he described the videos, he was basically commenting on the awesome power of nature and how powerless we human beings are to stop it. There was nothing anyone could do to prevent the earth’s interior from shifting, resulting in the wave that moved towards the land with the speed of a jet plane. No legislature could pass any law that could have prevented it, and that was his point. On that he’s right. But then he went on to say that we human beings are really pretty insignificant and that it’s only by luck that we get through the day.
          That’s where Rush got it wrong. If you believe in the God of the Bible (I’m not sure of Rush’s beliefs, but it seems he believes in a Higher Power), then you can’t deny that God sees us all as important individually. It’s not by luck, but by His grace that we get through the day and draw our very next breath. “In Him, we live and move and have our being.” (Acts 17:28) Though we are small in the vastness of the universe, He sees each one as precious.
          That wasn’t the first time Rush has said something similar. Many months ago, he was making a point about the environmentalist wackos and how they must believe that people are so all-powerful that we have the capability to actually change the climate of the earth. In doing that, he mentioned God and that he believes people are so small in the vast scheme of things that he said, “I don’t even think God notices me.” YIKES! I hope Rush doesn’t really believe that. Maybe he was just caught up in the moment of trying to prove his point about tree-huggers and the global warming farce.
          If God notices when a sparrow falls to the ground, as Matthew 10:29 tells us, how could He not notice the creatures he made in His own image every day? If that’s not enough, here’s more: According to Luke 12:7, God even numbers the very hairs of our heads, and Isaiah 49:16 says, “See, I have engraved you on the palms of my hands.” In fact, He did- on The Cross.
          So while I understand and agree with the points Rush was making, I can’t buy his idea that people are just a whim to the God Who sent His only Son to die in order to save us.


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