Blood Money

          Many churches across the nation today will recognize this day as Sanctity of Life Sunday as a way to acknowledge the 38th anniversary of the Roe vs. Wade Supreme Court decision that made abortion legal in the United States. Since January 22, 1973, more than 53 million lives have been cut short in the name of choice.   I’m sure that back then, the liberal feminists were ecstatic with this decision, because many of them believed that now that abortion is legal, women would no longer die from being forced into unsafe “back-alley” procedures.
          But they were wrong.
          Consider the news that came out of Philadelphia just before this sad anniversary. Last week, a grand jury there charged Dr. Kermit Gosnell, 69, with murder in the deaths of seven babies, as well as the death of a woman who died after her abortion at his facility in West Philadelphia. His clinic, located in an impoverished area, caters to poor, immigrant and minority women.
          Gosnell is accused of running what investigators are calling a “house of horrors”, that was overlooked for years by regulators. He allegedly delivered the seven children alive, then used scissors to sever their spinal cords to kill them. District Attorney Seth Williams said, “My comprehension of the English language can’t adequately describe the barbaric nature of Dr. Gosnell.” Investigators say hundreds of babies likely died in Gosnell’s clinic that he ran from 1979 to 2010.
          The conditions in the clinic were anything but sanitary. Investigators say animals were allowed to roam freely inside, bloodstained furniture and blankets were scattered around, and disposable medical supplies were used repeatedly. What’s more, only Gosnell was a licensed medical professional. However, other staff members, including his wife, a cosmetologist, administered drugs to patients, and performed late-term abortions.
          One of the murder charges against Gosnell involves a woman who came to the clinic seeking an abortion in 2009, and was given too much of the painkiller Demerol and other drugs.
          For all his “hard work” over the years, the twisted doctor and his associates raked in quite a haul of cash. Authorities say the clinic took in between $10,000 and $15,000 a day.
          It’s no secret that abortion is big business…or maybe it is. After hearing stories like the one above, I can’t help but wonder how many other Dr. Gosnells there are? How many other abortion mills are flying under the radar of regulators, earning big bucks on the backs of poor women and what would have been America’s future?
          Where is the outrage coming from the National Organization of Women and immigrant and minority advocacy organizations about this? Where are the media pundits commenting on how “rhetoric” from NOW and the National Abortion Rights Action League created a climate of violence that caused Dr. Gosnell to do this? That is the kind of commentary we’ll never hear from our media. When it comes to the “evils” of Big Oil, Big Business, Big Pharmaceutical, etc., they’re more than happy to talk. But when the issue shifts to the industry that is Big Abortion, all we hear are crickets chirping.

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