Christmas Yet To Come

          One of my favorite Christmas stories is “A Christmas Carol” by Charles Dickens. Though he wrote it in 1843, it’s lessons of redemption; the pitfalls of greed and a person’s response (or lack of) to the suffering around them are as universal today as they were when Dickens walked the streets of Victorian London.
          One such universal truth that applies to us in 21st century America is presented through Dickens’ tale when Ebenezer Scrooge is coming to the end of his journey with The Ghost of Christmas Present. In order to prepare him for his last, and most terrifying visitor of the night, Christmas Present shows Scrooge his (and mankind’s as a whole) greatest weaknesses. The Spirit explains to him, “This boy is Ignorance. This Girl is Want. Beware them both, and all of their degree, but most of all beware this boy, for on his brow I see that written which is Doom, unless the writing be erased.”
          The children clinging to the folds of the Spirit’s robes were thin, ghostly and dressed in rags…something Scrooge didn’t wish to see. In his ignorance, he was blind to how needy and wanting he was in his own life, though he had great material wealth. Scrooge was on a destructive path that he paved throughout his whole life, but fortunately for him, he changed his ways before it was too late.
          Revelation is always the cure for ignorance.
          Moving away from fiction, look at America today. Just two years ago, who would have imagined that we’d be talking about our nation’s debt in the trillions of dollars—as if billions no longer mean anything? Even as I write this, the lame-duck crooks in Washington are preparing to vote on yet another 2,000-page, $1.1 billion omnibus spending bill! With 6,600 earmarks included as payoffs in it, it’s as if November 2nd never happened. **NOTE:  As I drove home after posting this last night, I learned that Dirty Harry Reid pulled this mammoth spend-a-thon from the floor because a number of RINOS who were planning to vote for it bailed out.  Christmas really is a time for miracles!**
          Just a couple of years ago, would you have thought that we would soon be looking at the government taking control of the internet by bypassing our elected representatives under the name “net neutrality”? (New regulations on the internet are set to be voted on by the FCC on December 21st).
          Or, that our government, in just a few humongous pieces of legislation, would be taking control of our healthcare, student loan industry, financial transactions (via the financial overhaul), and (if progressives have their way), our food supply (courtesy of the oddly-named Food Safety Act- gives the FDA more regulatory control over small farms, farmers’ markets and school bake sales!).
          Would you have imagined that we would have so many people in the highest levels of our society openly talking about revolution, and proudly claiming themselves to be socialists and communists? I’m not that old, but I do remember a time when being a communist was a bad thing. These days, college kids wear t-shirts with the images of dictators emblazoned on them.
          It’s not entirely their fault. They’ve been indoctrinated from a young age at America’s government-sponsored schools that have routinely dumbed them down, taken away their opportunity to learn and appreciate America’s founding documents and principles, and given up the teaching of civics courses in favor of self-esteem awareness classes. Once they graduate from high school, they move onto college, where 98% of the faculty (in any given university) professes to be liberal, and of the mindset that America is to blame for the problems of the world…and we must be punished.
          What this has resulted in is a population of adults who vote (blindly), without finding out who they’re voting for, and “leaders” who are elected to office that are arrogant, have no understanding or interest in the Constitution and are more interested in holding onto power than in preserving their nation. Most of them now have little or no respect for their constituents. Their voting records and the fact that they vote on bills they haven’t even read prove this.
          So America, like Ebenezer Scrooge, is on a dangerous path. Like Scrooge, we already know where it leads—and we don’t need any visitors from the spirit world to tell us. We need only look to the problems of Europe, which long ago embraced the very policies the progressives (Republicans and Democrats) have been pushing on us for decades, but especially for the past few years. Europeans are now dealing with the consequences of this in bankrupt nations, rioting in the streets and populations that overwhelmingly have an entitlement mentality rather than a strong work ethic.
          The Old Testament says, “My people perish for lack of a vision”.
America has forgotten where she came from, and that always takes individuals and nations off their intended course. Will we be further down this destructive road next Christmas? What about five Christmases from now?
          It doesn’t have to be that way. The answer lies in returning to the basics of what made us a great nation in the first place: faith in God, hard work, personal responsibility and each individual having the freedom to pursue their own happiness. That isn’t just good for that person—it’s good for society as a whole. These are the values our Founding Fathers believed to be important for a free people, and those are the values they incorporated into The Declaration of Independence and The Constitution.


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  1. nice…but sadly true

    1. libertybelleblog | Reply

      Even though things may look bad, there’s always hope…more coming tomorrow (Wednesday).

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