Who’s The Boss?

          In my last post, “The Phantom President”, I wrote about how our president said that Americans were scared and not “thinking clearly”.  I said then, that many of us were, in fact, thinking clearly, and even some of Obama’s own supporters had finally come out of their “HopenChange” stupor—and we would prove just how awake we were. And so we did this past Tuesday. But even after the “shellacking” that the president admitted the Democrats had gotten from the voters, he still doesn’t accept any of the responsibility for it.
          In an unusual turn of journalistic events, a member of the press corps actually pressed Obama as to whether it just might have been his own policies that the voters had so clearly rejected. The reporter asked him the first time and he droned on and on about electric cars and energy efficiency- not something that was even on the radar for most voters. So she asked again and he fell into more of the usual talking points about saving us from another Great Depression and the emergency situation we were in. So she tried again, and this time he actually manages to mention the economy and jobs, but puts it back on the voters—things just weren’t the outcomes we expected.
          But, to those of us who know history, we know his ideas are old and we know where they lead, so they were what we expected—they just weren’t what we wanted. How many times and in how many ways did voters say “NO!” to this administration’s spending? At every turn—Cap & Trade, ObamaCare, multiple stimulus bills, etc., we were told by these elitists and their media clones that they know what’s best for us. The president even recently called us, his fellow Americans, his enemies and told us we had to “sit in the back” of his proverbial car/bus- whatever image he was using that day.
          We’ve put up with two years of being called “racists”, “teabaggers” (a particularly vile slam as those using it know it to be a vulgar homosexual reference), “Nazis”, “wealthy corporate operatives”, “hicks”, “hillbillies” “un-American”, “hate-mongers”, “fear-mongers”, “war-mongers”, “uneducated”, “religious bigots”, “terrorists”…all of this simply because we disagree with this president and the path he is taking our nation down.
          The president and the liberal/progressives who believe as he does, see most people—those who don’t live in New York, LA and Chicago—in the ways described above. It’s the way progressives have always seen people unlike themselves ever since there have been progressives. They see people as “the masses” that need to be controlled and told what to do from the time they get up until the time they go to bed. It’s all about control.
          Control was at the heart of all of the massive legislation that’s been shoved down our throats by FORMER Queen Nancy Pelosi (yay!) and weasel Harry Reid. If that wasn’t the case, little “surprises” having nothing to do with health care wouldn’t be found buried in the thousands of pages of this boondoggle. For example: the provision turning over control for the student loan industry to the government, the 3.8% tax on the sale of a home beginning next year, and the new tax on gold sales. Do you still believe it had anything to do with insuring the uninsured? This is just one bill! Even the president admitted, in his interview with Jon Stewart, “We have done things that people don’t even know about.” He really needs his TelePrompTer at all times! So much for having a transparent government.

          While this week’s election was far from an embrace of the Republican Party, it was just the start of what conservative Constitution-loving Americans will continue to do. The Tea Parties won’t stop just because some of the candidates supported by Tea Party-goers didn’t win their elections. We finally had our chance to be heard, and this time they couldn’t disconnect their voicemails or their fax machines, cancel their town hall meetings, or respond to our concerns with a pointless form letter. These people need to constantly be reminded that we don’t work for them…and the new people need to know that we’ll be watching to make certain that they stick with the Constitutional values they promised to uphold.


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