Restoring- Not Transforming- America

Shoulder to shoulder

          There’s a bumper sticker that reads: “Annoy a Liberal- Work Hard.  Succeed.  Be Happy.” For some reason, they really get ticked off when normal people, who love their country and want it to succeed, gather together to celebrate what made the nation great.
          Maybe that’s why, a week afterward, talk show host Glenn Beck’s Restoring Honor Rally is still stuck in their collective craw. The rally was held on August 28th at the Lincoln Memorial and drew a crowd estimated between 86,000 (by CBS, of course), and 500,000 people. If you’ve seen any pictures of the National Mall on that day, you know that CBS was way, WAY off. But then, that’s no surprise.

Many mainstream media pundits attempted to brush the event off as if it were no big deal, but that many people in one place is a little hard to ignore.  So, they covered it by doing what they always do when it comes to movements they disagree with—they belittled it, underestimated the crowd size and scoffed in their usual sneering way.  This seems to be the standard operating procedure of the far left:  when you don’t like it, make fun of it.  Rather than try to find out what brought all those people there—people from all walks of life, and yes, every age, race, religion and economic background—they spoke of the crowd as being “mostly white”, or described them as “old and white”.  Why do they always focus so much on categories of people instead of looking at them as just people?

Aren’t they the ones who claim to be so open-minded and inclusive of everyone?

            The Restoring Honor Rally was held to raise funds for the Special Operations Warrior Foundation that provides scholarships to the children of elite troops who have been killed in the line of duty.  The main theme of the day was really about getting back to the basics that made America great, namely, faith, hope and charity.  Mr. Beck encouraged the crowd to “be the change” they want to see by being people of integrity in their everyday lives.

            Real controversial stuff, huh?

            The one thing that really stuck out in his speech was when he said that it was the children of today who will save America.  He said the country is looking for the next George Washington, and that he believed that child was probably there that day.  Maybe so.  That means those of us who have children, want children, or know any children—pretty much all adults—have the responsibility to learn and pass on history and traditions to the next generation.  How can they know of the things that made America great if no one tells them?  How can they possibly avoid the mistakes of the past if they’ve never been taught the history of the nation?

            As more and more school districts abandon American history as a way of preparing their students to be “global citizens”, it’s up to parents and others who care about the continuation of our republic to pick up the slack.  Let’s hope we’re up to the challenge.

Hundreds of thousands gathered on 8/28 at the Lincoln Memorial.

Neither old nor white

Could this be the face of the next George Washington or Patrick Henry?


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