Slacker Nation

Are vacations the newest human right?  Maybe…at least if you live in Europe.  The European Union has declared that traveling is, in fact, a human right, and wants to make sure that everyone—regardless of their ability to pay for it—will get to go on a holiday.  Of course, this will be paid for courtesy of the taxpayers of the EU.  According to The Times of London, the idea was proposed by Antonio Tajani, who (oddly enough) is the EU Commissioner for Enterprise and Industry.  It will cost European taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars to keep the recipients of this program from being enterprising and industrious.

 Mr. Tajani said, “Traveling for tourism today is a right.  The way we spend our holidays is a formidable indicator of our quality of life.”  The program will be fully implemented in 2013.  Just who will benefit from it is yet to be determined.  My guess is the ones who benefit from it would be anyone that the progressive politicians see as “downtrodden”, and in need of a taxpayer-sponsored vacation.  Oh, and to keep these people voting for the right party of course.

 So why should we care?  Given the current climate of Big Government handouts in the United States, our nation is ripe for adopting even more European socialistic ideas such as this.  One example is in the health care reforms coming our way.  Prior to the passage of the massive spending bill, all we heard from liberals was that “health care is a human right”.

In defending the horrendous freedom-stealing, un-Constitutional health care law, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-LaLa Land) recently commented that it was an “entrepreneurial bill” that would allow people not to feel locked into a job. How so? Because all of us—those who pay taxes—will continue to work our tails off in order to allow others among us to keep their health care.  Therefore, anyone who wants to can quit whatever crappy job they might have to go off and find themselves.  Nancy doesn’t seem to know what an entrepreneur is or does.  They don’t just sit around thinking creative thoughts and looking for inspiration in the clouds.  They sacrifice, work 10-15 hour days, and sometimes work at a job they don’t like until their dream job can replace their income.

The problem with these progressive schemes to stay in power by buying votes is summed up best by former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher when she said, “The problem with Socialism is that eventually, you run out of other people’s money.”

If everyone leaves jobs they hate to pursue some venture that brings no income, those people will not be paying taxes.  Where will the political class get the money to pay for all of these ridiculous plans they concoct?  They’ll just have to print and borrow more. 

Back before the health care bill was passed into law, Speaker Pelosi told us to imagine an economy where people could be free to pursue their artistic passions and not have to worry about not having health insurance.  I can imagine it.  It’s called Europe, and we are not Europeans.  They are already bankrupt, and we’re headed in that same direction…and there’s no reason for it.  After all, we left there for a reason.

What other “human rights’ can we soon begin to claim?  Let’s see…everyone should have a new car, fully loaded, of course…and maybe a beachside condominium…and…well you get the picture.


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