Tax Day Tea Parties—From the Frontlines

Close to 1,000 people celebrated freedom in Hendersonville, TN (north of Nashville)

Last week, I wrote about the false perception that the far-left-leaning news media gives of your friends and neighbors who attend Tea Parties. So, with the intention of going Tea Party hopping after work, I set out to report on what I saw in the Nashville area.
I missed the first party I was going to go to because rush hour traffic was so bad, so I went on to another one that started later. This one took place in Hendersonville, TN which is north of Nashville, and it was a large and well-behaved crowd. In fact, all the rallies I’ve been to have been peaceful protests, very family-oriented.

Some highlights of this one included:
**Commentary by Ana Alea, an immigrant from Cuba comparing what she saw in her former country to what’s going on in our nation today.
**A time of remembrance of patriots of the past by a reading of their words, like this quote from Samuel Adams: “It does not take a majority to prevail… but rather an irate, tireless minority, keen on setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of men.”
**Essay contest winners of all ages reading their work on “What Liberty Means to Me”. The most poignant of these was written and read by 13-year-old Jenna Cooper. She wrote about how much better her life is now that she’s an American. She had been an orphan in her homeland and talked about seeing a lot of “bad things”. She never mentioned the country she was from by name, but from her accent, I would guess it was an Eastern European nation. She also never mentioned what “bad things” she saw, but if you know history, you know the fruits of tyranny. She’s so young to have seen so much, but her words were a warning to us, and gratitude for her life now.
**The night ended with a mini-concert by John Rich (of Big & Rich fame), with a special song by a new Nashville artist—a 16-year-old whose name escapes me now, but he sang a great song called “Save Some Billions for Us”. It was a plea to today’s politicians to keep his generation in mind as they continue their big spending. More words of wisdom from the very young. The future of America looks bright.

Funny—I looked around and walked all through that crowd and never saw one white hood or swastika. None of the signs had the “F” word on them…and nobody got arrested. If only the same could be said of left-wing demonstrations.  After performing 2 songs, John Rich left the crowd with just two words to ponder as November draws near:  pray and vote.  AMEN!

The “burning man” on the left is actually country singer John Rich, who performed “Shuttin’ Detroit Down” & “The Good Lord and the Man”, a song about his grandfather, a WWII hero.  **Note:  sorry for the bad pics, but I only had my old cell phone to work with*


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