April Fools

     I wish it were just a bad joke that I woke up on a Monday in March to find that the government of our great nation had just passed a bill that would force me to buy some form of health insurance that meets their approval. If I don’t, I’ll pay a penalty to the IRS. If I don’t (or can’t) pay that, I could go to jail. The same goes for you too.
     So, as March went out like a lion, April will shower us with more good news from Babylon, USA (Washington). We all know we don’t have the money for this government to continue to grow beyond its Constitutional limits. Yet, drunk on their own power, the den of thieves, led by the Big Spender-in-Chief, continue to blow money faster than Paris Hilton during Fashion Week.
     Soon, they’ll be ramming amnesty for illegal immigrants and cap and trade energy taxes down our throats in the same way they did the health “care” legislation. So much to look forward to—more letters, emails, faxes and phone calls to representatives who don’t listen anyway. But we’ll do it. We’ll do it because we’re Americans and we love freedom. And quite frankly, we don’t like to be told what to do, especially by a bunch of people who, if not for politics, would most likely be living under bridges somewhere because they’d never get hired to do a real job in the private sector.
     Moving on to other things of April—have you filled out your census form yet? I did, but not without listing my race as “human” and giving a phone number where they will never reach me. The Census, although mandated by the Constitution for taking a head count only, seems to be a big waste of more taxpayers’ dollars. I can say this, as a former Census worker myself (1990). At that time, just out of college and needing a job, it was the best paying work I could find where I was living. I wasn’t a field worker. I worked in a regional office, doing all the paperwork for those who went out and counted the people. We worked hard when there was work to be done, but when there wasn’t, I remember well the many games of Pictionary, the pot-luck lunches that went well beyond lunchtime, and at least one time when a group of 15-20 of us walked down the road to get ice cream. Yes, that was during the workday, and we were paid for it.
     I feel rather guilty now about all this fun at the taxpayers’ expense, but I wasn’t paying attention to the things of government back then like I should have. Twenty years later, the Census waste is even worse. Hundreds of millions of dollars have been, and will continue to be spent on radio and television ads, print ads, a Census tour bus, etc. Did we really need a letter sent to us the week before the form came telling us the form was coming? Then, a week or two after it came, why did we also need another letter reminding us to fill it out so that we can get our “fair share”. Fair share from whom? China?
     Speaking of China–or rather- china with a small “c”–, it’s teatime again! April 15th is tax day, and Tea Partiers from coast to coast will be holding more rallies this year to protest big government spending and getting people excited about voting in November. I know of at least 3 rallies in my area that day. I’m sure the mainstream media will do their best to make everyone in attendance look like racist, fear-mongering freaks.
     People who don’t agree with the basic principles of the movement dominate newsrooms, so they look for stereotypical oddballs to interview when they do their stories about it. Be prepared for more lies about people that you probably know. Tea Partiers are grandparents, small business owners, moms and dads, students, hard-working people from various professions, unemployed professionals, Democrats, Republicans and Independents.
     I know it might seem a little strange that some Tea Partiers choose to dress like the patriots of the 1770’s. While I’ve never attended one of those events dressed as Abigail Adams, I’m not offended or turned off to the message by a guy wearing a tri-corn hat and waving a “Don’t Tread on Me” flag. The way I see it, he and other costumed partiers are just expressing their views in their own way while they still can do so freely. Maybe it’s their way of paying homage to the original Tea Partiers of the Boston Harbor.
     The guy in the weird hat is no threat to me, or to the country for that matter. He has no power to raise my taxes, limit my freedom, alter my health care decisions, or force me to use my hard-earned money to allow another woman to end the life of her unborn child.
     No, it’s not him that offends me. The scarier people wear suits, ties and pearls. Real respectable-looking people on the outside– like Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. On the day the votes were cast to pass Obamacare, she and a gaggle of her crooked colleagues walked arrogantly through the crowd of protesters, as if to egg them on and rub salt in their wounds. She was carrying an over-sized gavel and cackled away as she walked. Now that’s offensive.

This is what “drunk with power” looks like.


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