Let it Snow! Let it Snow! Let it Snow!

        For nearly two weeks now, the world’s elitists have been gathering in Copenhagen, Denmark in order to solve the world’s “global warming problem”.  In other words, they discuss how to pilfer more money out of the USA under the guise of saving the planet from utter destruction.

        As they fly their private jets and are chauffeured in their limousines to the climate change summit, the snow falls…and falls…and falls.

          This week’s freezing weather greeted the president as he showed up for the tail end of the Copenhagen Farce.  The Danish capitol was blanketed by four inches of snow on Thursday, and more is expected in the next few days.  Apparently, this isn’t their normal December weather forecast.  An official at Denmark’s Meteorological Institute said, “There’s a good chance of a white Christmas.”  Denmark hasn’t had one in 14 years, and has only had 7 in the last century.

          Rush Limbaugh usually calls this phenomenon the “Algore Effect”, because whenever Al (a.k.a. “The Heat Miser”) Gore shows up for climate change/global warming conferences, snowstorms often precede him.  It’s happened before—a couple of years ago, a big climate change meeting on the East Coast was cancelled due to snow and ice.  Maybe he should be the Snow Miser?  No…the other guy fits him better—see below:

            Things haven’t been going too well for ‘ole Al lately.  The revelations made in the “Climate-gate” email scandal caused a couple of the more conservative members of the American Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences to call for his Oscar to be revoked after the emails revealed leading global warming scientists had fudged numbers, and held back information that would be detrimental to their case. 

          Then there are the sweeping statements he’s made.  In an interview with Conan O’Brien, he really exaggerated how hot the center of the earth is—to the point of hilarity.  Doing his best Heat Miser impersonation, he told Conan, “the interior of the earth is extremely hot, several million degrees.”

          Several MILLION degrees?  Wouldn’t that make us a star like the sun?  Would we even be able to live on the face of the earth if the center were that hot?  Common sense tells me “no”, but then, I’m not scientist…and neither is he.

        Then there was the whopper he told his audience in Copenhagen.  According to the UK Times, he told them the “latest research” predicts the Arctic ice will melt within five years.  He was basing this claim on the work of a Doctor Wieslaw Maslowski, who quickly pointed out that he was wrong.  He said Gore was using old numbers that had been “tossed about in conversation” many years ago.

          So, as the Heat Miser piles on the gaffs, the snow piles up in Copenhagen…and in Washington, DC. 

          In fact, the president, who stayed a few hours longer at the summit than he planned, left before a final vote on any kind of climate change treaty.  The reason?  He had to get back to DC because of the severe winter weather moving up through the eastern seaboard this weekend.

          His speech in Copenhagen left the greedy Third World dictators cold too—because, surprisingly, he didn’t “put more money on the table”, as one slimy delegate said.  They shouldn’t worry, though.  Hillary Clinton did.  She promised to redistribute 100 BILLION dollars of American wealth over the next ten years to these people who hate us.  Boy, when she piles it, she piles it high!  Everybody grab a shovel—it’s about to get deep.


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