Where the Wild Things Are

This week, Forbes magazine, in celebration of Halloween, voted conservative talk show host Glenn Beck as the #1 scariest person in America for 2009.  His much scarier competition for the top spot includes rapist Roman Polanski, capitalism- bashing hypocrite Michael Moore, and intern chaser David Letterman.

Whether or not you agree with Forbes, none of the “scary” people on that list have the power to raise anybody’s taxes, steal individual freedoms at every turn, or “fundamentally change” our nation into something we never wanted to be.

There’s a place in our country where much more frightening—and dangerous– individuals gather.  It’s a place that once was filled with thinkers, statesmen and citizen lawmakers, but now is crawling with leeches, jackals and thieves.

Lurking around on Capitol Hill are more blood-suckers than you’re likely to find in all of the Twilight films put together.  They spend their days and nights concocting their witches’ brew of legislation on everything from health care reform to climate change.  Behind closed doors, they secretly weave their web of deception, hoping they’ll soon be able to pass these and other monstrous laws that they have no intention of even reading.  Laws that will affect the lives of every American.

They cast their spells upon the media, who, like Frankenstein’s sidekick Igor, gladly do their bidding to keep an unwitting public in the dark about the details of their fiendish schemes.  All the while, they blatantly strangle the last breath out of our precious Constitution which used to be the Law of the Land.  Each and every one of these people took an oath to uphold and defend it.  But sadly, many if not most of those sent to Washington to represent us have any concern for the duty they have to our Constitution…or to us.

For example, take “lovable” broom jockey and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi.  She was recently approached by a reporter from CNS News.com who asked her where in the Constitution the authority was given to Congress to mandate that all Americans purchase health insurance.  Listen to this audio for her arrogant reply:

As she flippantly cackled and flew away, her spokesman then stated, “You can put this on the record: That is not a serious question. That is not a serious question.”  It seems when people are under a spell, they often repeat themselves.  More than likely, he was just practicing the progressive tactic that if you repeat a lie enough times, people will take it as the truth.

The truth is, that is not only a serious question; it’s the only question that should be debated when it comes to health care, climate change, bank bailouts, etc.  Those who dare to ask it (and not many do) are called racists…extremists…hate-mongers.  The list goes on and on.

So, as the ghouls live out their wildest fantasies of unchecked power, spending away the future of America and making laws for We the People that they boldly exempt themselves from…a sound like thunder can be heard in the distance of our 233 year history.  It’s the sound of the Founding Generation turning in their graves…in anger, frustration and grief that they’ve been betrayed.  The inmates are running the asylum.


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